DUKE vs unc

I got a chance to go to the last Duke and UNC at chapel hill game.  It was at Cameron so as a Duke fan i was pretty excited.  Here are some videos that I took.


This first one is of the UNC at Chapel Hill players getting off the bus.  If you listen closely you will hear the bus radio playing “its raining men”.

Right after they went to the other side of the bus, they all promptly kicked puppies and spit on orphans.   The camera didnt pick it up but trust me, it happened.

This next video is right before the Devils came out on the court, I hope you get a sense of how loud it is in that dang place. 

Unfortunetly after alot of un-called traveling and mouth breathing ,the unc mountain goats prevailed in the end.  But it was a great night for a Duke fan non the less.  Maybe the devils will get tehm in Chapel Hill tomorrow night, and hopefuly thats all they will get.


This was just out side Cameron


This Greg Salmon, he is the guy who scored me a ticket to the game.  Great guy.

Duke Chapel

Standing at the front door of Duke Chapel.


Question: WWJD? Answer: hold the ball

Apparently this coach was fired from his Christian school because his team beat another team 100-0.  The reason for the termination was because the win “does not reflect a Christlike and honorable approach to competition,” .


Webiste you should know about



Good stuff


and for those weirdos who prefer to read: http://www.reason.com/

At first I thought “Obama is not the antichrist”

But now I am not so sure, look at this picture if you can.





I think I will start this again

yep, sure will.

Brother in hospital

Sorry about the delay on the other post, my brother is in the hospital.  He has a AVM.  Google it.  He should be ok but for right now he is kind of out of it.  He is doing good for someone who has had brain surgery.  In the mean time watch this conversation between Tim Keller, John Piper and D.A. Carson.  Its only 1 0f 6, the rest are on youtube.



Speaking of Politics

As a side thought here is something from John Piper that I thought was well put.

John Piper Link.